Concentrate on development and forge ahead to meet the new situation -- Ensince held the 2021 Spring Festival tea party

  author: 小编      Release time:2020-03-17 15:19:42

On March 10, 2020, Ensince Industry Co., Ltd. organized and held the 2020 Spring Festival tea party. Chairman  attended the meeting and extended new year's greetings. Senior and middle-level leaders of the company attended the meeting. All colleagues of the company and representatives of project departments expressed new year's greetings in the form of video and jointly looked forward to the good wishes for the future of Yangji group and Nanhai company.

A triumphant song leaves the old year and paints the new year with a colored pen. In the new year, with a new look and new style, the tea party changed the previous mode of talking about the Spring Festival. We watched the video of Spring Festival greetings prepared by all colleagues and project representatives of Nanhai company. The venue was filled with a festive and happy atmosphere.

Finally, chairman  gave every employee a new year's profit and congratulated on the great success of construction in 2020. The 2020 Spring Festival tea party ended in a happy and harmonious atmosphere.

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