Disclosure of hazardous waste pollution prevention and control responsibility information

  author: 小编      Release time:2019-10-25 15:24:36

Pollution prevention and accident prevention measures taken during storage:

According to the management standard of temporary storage of hazardous wastes, different substances are stored by classification, the ground is protected against corrosion, and a diversion groove is added

Connect to the accident emergency pool and drill regularly according to the hazardous waste emergency plan to prevent the leakage of hazardous waste.

Emergency measures: in case of leakage of hazardous waste, the employee who first finds the accident shall preliminarily evaluate and confirm the occurrence of the accident, immediately notify the on-site emergency management personnel by telephone, and control the accident source if possible to prevent the deterioration of the accident. During storage and transportation, if operators find leakage of dangerous targets during patrol inspection, corresponding measures shall be taken immediately.

The on-site rescue personnel must be equipped with rescue labor protection articles, wear protective masks, protective gloves, etc., and enter the site in strict accordance with the hazardous waste emergency plan and hazardous waste management system

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