Ensince informatization and industrialization integration management system policy

  author: 小编      Release time:2021-02-18 15:35:12

Ensince informatization and industrialization integration management system policy:

Collaborative and efficient management, precise control of the process,

Deep data mining, innovative development of science and technology,

Continuously improve the system and lead the flame retardant industry.

Policy connotation:

------Use advanced collaborative office software to maintain efficient cooperation between different units or employees, share and transfer various resources and information, and achieve work objectives. Accurately manage and strictly control the process in the working process to maximize the utilization of resources. "Excellence" and "accuracy" describe not only a state, but also a process, which enables employees to work together efficiently under unified systems, processes and norms to achieve "excellence and continuous improvement".

------Build a modern management system, do a good job in data statistics and analysis through informatization, so as to provide a reliable basis for management and production; Continue to tap potential, innovate and reform, and use science and technology to improve production management.

------Achieve high-quality development, integrate informatization and industrialization such as Internet big data, build a platform for dynamic coordination and optimal allocation of resources within and among enterprises, improve management, improve quality and market share, so as to lead the industry.

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