IPMP / O-cymen-5-OL 3228-02-2
  • Cas No.:3228-02-2
  • Molecular Formula:C10H14O
  • Molecular Weight:150.22
  • Assay(%):≥99%
  • Package:25kg/drum or by customized.
  • ItemSpecifications
    AppearanceWhite or off white crystal
    Heavy metals≤10ppm
    Residue on ignition≤0.1%
    Sheet chromatography(TLC)Only one point
    UV-vis wavelength211,270nm
    Melting point110~113℃
    Boling point244℃
    Each impurity(HPLC)≤0.5%
    Total impurity(HPLC)≤1.0%


    1. It can be used as a shelf protectant for face cream, lipstick and hair care products.

    2. It can be used to inhibit skin diseases caused by bacteria or fungi, oral disinfection and anal disinfection.

    3. Used for external sterilizers or disinfectants (including hand disinfectants), oral disinfectants, hair tonics, tender drugs, toothpaste, etc.

    4. Used for air conditioning and room disinfection, fabric antibacterial and deodorant processing, various antibacterial and antifungal treatments and other disinfection.

    4-Isopropyl-3-methylphenolPackaging and Shipping

    Packing: 25kg/drum


    Stored in a cool dry ventilated warehouse