Glycolic acid 99% Powder 79-14-1
  • Cas No.:79-14-1
  • Molecular Formula:C2H4O3
  • Molecular Weight:76.05
  • Assay(%):99%min
  • Package:25kg/drum or by customized.
  • Items



    Colorless or white crystal











    Loss on drying



    >> 用途(uses)


    1. 本产品具有显著的美白活肤功效,可促进细胞新陈代谢,去死皮、溶解角质;可以很好地柔嫩肌肤,使皮肤柔润,光滑细腻,富有弹性和光泽;可以作为祛斑、祛皱、祛痘制品的增效剂,促进和增加制品的效能。

    2. 本产品是用于有机合成的原料,可用于生产乙二醇。也可用作化学分析试剂。

    2. 本产品可用做清洗剂,对材质的腐蚀性很低,且清洗时不会发生有机酸铁的沉淀。

    3. 本产品可用于有机合成及印染业。

    4. 本产品可用于肥皂的杀菌。

    5. 本产品可用于化学镀镍的络合剂,提高镀层质量,也可用作其他电镀或化学镀的添加剂



    1. This product has significant whitening and activating effect, can promote cell metabolism, remove dead skin and dissolve cutin; It can soften the skin, make the skin soft, smooth, delicate, elastic and shiny; It can be used as a synergist of freckle, wrinkle and acne products to promote and increase the efficiency of products.

    2. This product is a raw material for organic synthesis and can be used to produce ethylene glycol. It can also be used as chemical analysis reagent.

    3. This product can be used as cleaning agent, which has low corrosivity to materials, and will not precipitate organic acid iron during cleaning.

    4. This product can be used in organic synthesis and printing and dyeing industry.

    5. This product can be used for sterilization of soap.

    6. This product can be used as a complexing agent for electroless nickel plating to improve the coating quality, and can also be used as an additive for other electroplating or electroless plating


    >>包装及储存条件(Package and condition of storage)

    常规包装 25KG, 250KG 桶装 或者 IBC

    本品应储存于干燥处,常温下密封保存的库房, 避免阳光直接照射。

    The normal packing: 25KG, 250KG Drum or 1250KG IBC Drum

    This product should be stored in a dry place and sealed warehouse under normal temperature to avoid direct sunlight.