Photoinitiator 160 / Irgacure 160 CAS 71868-15-0
  • Cas No.:71868-15-0
  • Molecular Formula:C20H22O5
  • Molecular Weight:342.39
  • Assay(%):99%min
  • Package:20KG Carton or by customized.
  • Chemical name: Difunctional alpha hydroxy ketone

    AppearanceWhite powder
    Melting Point98.0~102.0℃
    Loss on Drying≤0.2%

    Photoinitiator 160 Usage

    It is a photoinitiatorwith excellent reactivity. Compared to conventional alpha-hydroxyketones,its molecules are suitable for converting absorption spectra to longerwavelengthsand for matchingthe pigment systemthrough traditional UV equipment. It also hasgood coating properties.

    main application:
    •Varnishingwood, plastic, paper, metaland fiber
    •Food packaging
    •Powder coating

    Photoinitiator 160 Packaging and Shipping

    Photoinitiator 160 Storage
    1.Keeping itin a dryclean and ventilated warehouse
    2.Avoidingdirectlight and heat
    3.Protecting itfrom leakage, rain and sunlightduring transportation