Potassium bicarbonate cas 298-14-6
  • Cas No.:298-14-6
  • Molecular Formula:CHKO3
  • Molecular Weight:100.12
  • Assay(%):99.0-101.5
  • Package:25 kg/bag
  • ItemSpecifications
    AppearanceWhite Crystal, free flowing
    Potassium bicarbonate,%99.0-101.5
    Water insoluble,%≤0.02%
    Moisture, %≤0.25%
    Heavy Metals (as Pb) (mg/kg)≤2.0
    Arsenic (mg/kg)≤3.0

    What ispotassium bicarbonate used for?

    Potassium bicarbonate is a chemical substance with a colorless transparent monoclinic structure. The relative density is 2.17 g/cm3, which is a stable substance in air. It is a raw material for the production of potassium carbonate, potassium acetateandpotassium arsenite.

    Potassium bicarbonateusage

    1. Food grade potassium bicarbonate can be used in dairy foods, succulent foods, baked goods, pasta, seasonings, etc.

    2. Food grade potassium bicarbonate can be used as a chemical starter,alkalineagent, leavening agent, nutritional supplement, excipient, pH regulator. China can be used in a variety of foods that need to be added withfillers,and can be used according to the production needs.

    3. This product is a raw material that can produce potassium carbonate, potassium acetate, potassium arsenite, etc., and is also used in medicine, fire extinguishing agents and other industries.

    4. This product is used in the field of medicine: This product can be used in health foods, fillers, pharmaceutical raw materials, etc.

    5. This product is used in the field of cosmetics: this product can be used forfacialcleanser, cosmetic cream, lotion, shampoo, mask and so on.

    6. This product is used in the field of feed: this product can be used for canned pets, animal feed, aquatic feed, vitamin feed, veterinary drug products, etc.

    Potassium bicarbonatePackaging and Shipping

    25kgs per bag